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Many of you experience both a fear of success and a fear of failure. Both stem from a fear of judgment.

The way to overcome both the fear of success and the fear of failure, is to anchor deeply into the energies of faith and trust. Everything that occurs serves you in some way, and the experience itself, regardless of outcome, is what your soul is seeking.

If you can understand that all of it is directing you to your next greatest match and your next grand adventure, you can settle into the deep acceptance that opens the door to peace and truly living without fear.

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Viele von Euch erleben sowohl eine Angst vor Erfolg als auch eine Angst vor dem Scheitern. Beides entspringt einer Angst vor Beurteilung.

Der Weg, sowohl die Angst vor dem Erfolg als auch die Angst vor dem Scheitern zu überwinden, ist, Euch tief in den Energien des Glaubens und Vertrauens zu verankern. Alles, was geschieht, dient Euch in irgendeiner Weise, und es ist die Erfahrung selbst, unabhängig vom Ergebnis, was Eure Seele sucht.

Wenn Ihr verstehen könnt, dass Euch all das zu Eurer nächstgrößten Übereinstimmung und Eurem nächsten großartigen Abenteuer leitet, könnt Ihr Euch in der tiefen Akzeptanz niederlassen, die die Tür zum Frieden öffnet und dazu, wirklich ohne Angst zu leben.

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Mediaeval Character

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My little hometown has a great history and you can find in its center a lot of mediaeval buildings.
Landsberg am Lech was an important stop along an old salt trade route, and it gained the rights and privileges of a chartered town as early as the 13th century.
Nowadays we no longer trade in salt, but rather with travellers. 😀 The majority of them want to visit the charming towns and castles along the Romantic Road which connected the center of Germany with the south in the Middle Ages.
In the last twenty years most of the historical homes and salt storehouses have been restored and their colors are regularly repainted. The streets and squares are very clean and that’s why some tourists – especially those from East Asia – often think of our town as an awesome film set.
Once in a while I miss a little bit the character of an authentic old town in our perfectly restored film set.
I prefer buildings that show us the connection between past and present.
In the pictures above you can see a glass roof supported with steel connecting a modern public utilities building and this old agricultural building. Whenever I drive past this architectural group I am filled with joy about these cautious renovations. For me it makes sense to show historical buildings without any colors, so we can better focus on the wealth of its architectural details.

Hauptplatz Schoener Turm Landsberg-1.jpg
The historic old town / Source: Wikipedia
Bayertor Landsberg-4.jpg
Bayertor, the gate to Munich / Source: Wikipedia

Weekly Wisdom

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Unser größter Ruhm besteht nicht darin, niemals zu fallen, sondern jedes Mal, wenn wir fallen, wieder aufzustehen.


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Swans are loyal partners and loving and caring parents.

Four years ago, I was very depressed when I realized that I would have to raise my children alone. I knew it would have a hard time, and I often dreamed for a miracle.

I had always wished for a man for my children and me who would understand the sacrifies that caring for children requires, and who would see this as a wonderful journey that we could share together.

I saw this pair of swans every time I walked along the river near our new home. I watched them raising their children, and for me they represented the promise for a better future for the three of us.

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