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Two years ago during the Pentecost holiday break me and my children started to build a little wooden shelter in our fairytale forest. We collected a lot of wood lying around and we interlaced it into each other among three trees. Every time when we were walked to our favourite place, we collected some wood again and made it further with interlacing.

For us to build that was an awesome process and one year later we came back in spring and saw our little shelter completely preserved after a long winter. 😎

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Space of Peace

No matter what the situation is, there is always an space of peace and wisdom within you with which you can connect and from which you can make your decisions. These decisions are heart-centered and expanding and as such will always correspond to the true desires of your soul.

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Ganz gleich, wie die Situation gerade ist, es gibt immer einen Raum des Friedens und der Weisheit in Euch, mit dem Ihr Euch verbinden und von dem aus Ihr dann Eure Entscheidungen treffen könnt. Diese Entscheidungen sind herzzentriert und erweiternd und werden als solche immer den wahren Wünschen Eurer Seele entsprechen.

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Not once again!

That’s exactly how it is. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The worst thing about it: as a child you don’t recognize it. You believe everything your parents say. It was a very, very depressing childhood. And a long, lonely journey back to myself.

But now I can help my children get along with their father. Don’t worry, I broke up with him when his personality disorder became apparent. I took our little children and went away from him. I want my children to grow up happy.


This was my comment on a very informative contribution about the characteristics of narcissistic parents. You can find more helpful articles about narcissism on this blog. Look at it: MakeItUltra

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Astrologische Notizen – Astrological Notes

22.05. – 04.06.2018

English short version below 🙂

Uranus, frisch im Stier, sorgt für unerwartete Unterbrechungen im gewohnten Ablauffluß und bringt uns eventuell kurzfristig aus dem Konzept. Doch nach kurzem Innehalten kann die neue Richtung durchaus integriert werden und vielleicht sogar frischen, anregenden Wind in das eigene Energiegefüge bringen.

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The better we know ourselves and are at peace with ourselves,
the less power it takes,
to stay in balance.
Just keep quiet.
Then the clarity returns.

Je besser wir uns selbst kennen und mit uns in Frieden sind,
desto weniger Kraft kostet es,
in Balance zu bleiben.
Immer wieder still werden.
Dann kommt die Klarheit wieder.

With Love

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I was struggling a little bit with the meaning of liquid for a few days. In German this word is principally used for technical descriptions. But okay: English is a relaxed language! 😀

So I selected a photo that I took at another lovely meditation place on the banks of the River Lech. It was a quiet afternoon there and the river was running slowly.

I hope you enjoy my little poem too. 😎

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