Swans are loyal partners and loving and caring parents.

Four years ago, I was very depressed when I realized that I would have to raise my children alone. I knew it would have a hard time, and I often dreamed for a miracle.

I had always wished for a man for my children and me who would understand the sacrifies that caring for children requires, and who would see this as a wonderful journey that we could share together.

I saw this pair of swans every time I walked along the river near our new home. I watched them raising their children, and for me they represented the promise for a better future for the three of us.

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Hello, I am Ilka. I am a German-based freelancing Sports Coach for children in martial arts and an Online German Teacher. I love to meet people all around the world! Please, strike up a conversation, let me know what you think, or just say hi. I’d love to hear from you :)

7 thoughts on “Together”

    1. Thank you, Frank. Yes, I agree, we can find all our answers about our life in the wisdom of nature.
      Thank you for your great work with your photo challenge. It´s great fun for me and encourages me to exercise my English! 😀

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