Do You Know Your Moon?

I recently found this article on the internet and find it very helpful. Now I know better what I need to get back to me: I need to complete my tasks calmly. I hate to have time pressure, because working for me is like meditation, so I want to have silence and enough time for everything I do.

You can have your moon position calculated here, I can highly recommend this site:



Deutsches Original hier: Eva Denk

The position of the moon in the horoscope is linked to our childhood experiences. It indicates what you need to feel comfortable and secure. We all come to earth with a very specific basic need for security, care and the need for attention. In later years, this basic need shifts to our partner.

The more you are aware of your real feelings, the easier and more honest you will be in shaping your relationships with others. Otherwise, the moon energy will be shifted outward and the other will be held responsible to fulfill one’s own needs.

It is therefore important to ask yourself the following questions:
* What do you really need to feel comfortable?
* Did you feel safe and secure in your childhood, or were your limits repeatedly transgressed?
* Did your mother meet your basic needs or did you have to fight for them?
* And how can you nourish yourself so that your inner child is well?

The moon has to do with food, eating, nourishing itself. If you eat too much and stuff everything into yourself, the balance of your lunar energy will be unbalanced. It’s the same when you have problems with your stomach. Then always ask yourself the question:
* Where don’t I really feel safe?
* What do I do even though I have another need?
* Where do I lack true relaxation?
* Do I allow myself peace and silence?


The inner place of rest and peace is the same for everyone, we are all connected to the same source, only the access, the entrance is different. Everyone has a different disposition or imprint to get to this inner place. The moon in the signs indicates the basic energy with which I enter relaxation and what I need to develop a feeling of comfort, home and inner security.

The position of the moon also tells us how we want to live, what habits we have and how we behave in everyday life. Our need for retreat or exchange can be very different. Not paying attention to our lunar needs costs its price: tiredness, exhaustion, emotional outbursts, stomach aches…

Every moon needs something different:

  • Ram moon has to let off steam by doing sports or something similar before it can relax.
  • Bull moon needs the feeling of having time.
  • Cancer moons must have the feeling of home and a strong connection to the roots.
  • Twin moons need a lot of stimulation and change again and again.
  • Lion moon needs the opportunity to be creative.
  • Virgo moons need the comforting certainty of routine.
  • For a Libra moon, a harmonious environment is important.
  • Scorpion moon seeks above all deep experiences and sincerity.
  • Sagittarius moon blooms during adventures and needs a lot of freedom.
  • Capricorn moon feels secure in a clear structure.
  • Aquarius moon is open to the unusual and shy of too much closeness.
  • Fish moon needs a lot of time to dream and flowers for the soul.


If you stay too long in an outwardly directed energy, you become more and more tired inside and everything doesn’t seem to really flow anymore. This is always the moment to dive in, to let go, to create your own space, and to feel what you really need to feel comfortable.
There are many reasons why we want to avoid diving into our own depths. First of all, there are many repressed, unpleasant feelings, such as dependence, neediness, abandonment, loneliness, fear and repressed pain. Immersing yourself in the power of the moon means completely being at the mercy of inner feeling, flowing with what the longing wants and the inner needy child needs.

When you are in harmony with your lunar needs, you feel comfortable in yourself and are at home here on earth. You act intuitively and feel in every situation what is good for you and what you need. This relieves your relationships and your body and gives you the energy to fill your tasks on earth with joy and inner balance.


With Love,

Featured Image: Isorepublic / Editing: Ilka

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